This is a scheme to provide incentives and rewards to registered individuals or agents that introduced clients to us. An account is created for you on our website that could be logged in where you (referent) can be monitoring all the transactions between us and the clients introduced to us. In the account, the referent will be able to view his account and see commissions accruing into his account.
In the scheme two types of incentives await our dear referents.
  • Commission of 8% of the commission of EL-OH Global Properties in respect of all properties introduced by the referent. This continues to accrue as long as the relationship with the clients introduced last.
  • Access to funds equivalent to the commission accruable to the individual or agent in a year on properties managed based on TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
What are you waiting for? Open an agency account (or commission account) with us and see money coming into on daily basis. This is another stream of income to you which demand no stress, financial investment or commitment. Open an account and begin to smile to your banks.
Our leading referents:
1. Engr. A.K.
2. Prince B.E.
3. Mrs. E.O.
4. Elder D.O.


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